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Samuel Malachowsky

Samuel Malachowsky

I would like to start by introducing myself.

I’m a Software Engineering lecturer in the Software Engineering department of the Rochester Institute of Technology. I’ve been teaching either as an adjunct or a lecturer since 2010, and before that I gained valuable real-world insight as a project manager in industry.  There are times when I can’t wait to try a new idea or concept – I am energized when something allows a greater connection in the classroom,  enhances understanding of a concept, or allows the inclusion of new ideas, and I suspect that there are many others like myself out there.

This collection of articles is the output of that passion: Ideas for the classroom, personal findings, excerpts from academic publications, and lessons and activities used in the classroom. Inspiration will come from many places (hopefully): things I have tried, subjects related to the discipline, and other’s work.

My goal is to post as ideas develop, are tried, or come across my eyes. Hopefully you can use some of what you see here to your or your students’ benefit.

If you would like to get to know me better:

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